Privacy Policy for Bien Bar AS

This privacy statement was written on 10.02.2022 and informs about how Bien Bar AS (organization number 989 455 893) collects and uses personal data.

Bien Bar AS, by the General Manager, is the controller for the company's processing of personal data. In this statement, we explain what personal data we process, how we process it and what purpose the processing is for.

The statement contains information that you are entitled to when collecting information from the website. When you are a customer with us or apply for a job with us, as well as general information about the collection, storage and use of personal data (Section 18, 1st paragraph of the Personal Data Act).

About Bien Bar AS

Our visiting address is: Street Name 51, 5006 Bergen and contact information for our privacy officer is:

Processing of personal data at

Bien Bar AS's General Manager has day-to-day responsibility for Bien Bar AS's processing of personal data on our website unless otherwise stated below. It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal data in connection with services, for example by sending us requests. The basis for processing is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Web statistics

Bien Bar AS collects de-identified and anonymised information about visitors The purpose of the collection is to compile statistics that are used to improve and further develop content on the website. Examples of what information is collected are: how visitors use the website, which website the user comes from, how many people visit the different pages, how long the visit lasts, what they click on and which browsers are used.

The data is processed in de-identified and aggregated form. By de-identified we mean that we cannot trace the information we collect back to the individual user. Aggregate level means that all data is merged into a group and that data is not processed individually.

Bien Bar AS uses the analysis tools of Google Inc (“Google”) on its website, the information is stored with Google. Information from this tool is not shared with other actors.

Cookies or cookies.

What is a cookie or cookies? Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, phone or tablet when you visit a website. Cookies help the website remember your settings (e.g. username, language, text size and other presets) for a certain period of time. Cookies are also used to improve functionality, to collect information for analytical purposes or for marketing purposes.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to obtain information about how the website is used. We use this through Google Analytics which is a web analytics tool from Google. The information is stored on servers in the United States. Cookies collect information about which pages are visited, how long a visit lasts, the number of visits to the website and what is the source of the visit (e.g. Google Search). We also use cookies to look at user behaviour, such as clicking on links or submitting contact forms,

Your IP address is anonymized before it is sent to Google Analytics and the information sent does not contain any information that can identify you as a user. Therefore, we cannot track the actions of the individual user, but analyze the use of the site on an overall level.

With the help of cookies, our website collects information for use for subsequent advertising (Remarketing). An anonymized identity is stored in separate lists that are used for targeted advertising based on your online user behavior. In addition to the fact that the information is anonymized (de-identified), a certain number of users are required before the lists are used.

All browsers make it possible to restrict cookie behavior or to disable them using the browser settings. The browser also allows you to see which cookies are stored on your computer and to delete a single cookie or to remove all of them. You'll find a link further down the page to how you can do this.

* Opt-out means that you have blocked the upload of cookies or cookies on your computer.

You can read more about Google's privacy policy here:

You can opt out of Google's use of cookies (opt-out) for advertising via Google's advertising and privacy page:

If you do not wish to be tracked, you can disable the use of cookies (opt-out) on your computer via your browser, you can do this here:

Use of Facebook pixel: tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Instant Articles and Audience Network.

Facebook is the owner of Instagram, Messenger, Instant Articles and Audience Network, and the use of Facebook pixel therefore covers these channels as well. A Facebook pixel is a plug-in or software hosted on our website that collects information for Facebook. The pixel collects information from the cookies located in your browser and sends this back to Facebook where the information is collected together with data from your Facebook profile. Information collected may be related to your user behavior (demographic data such as age, gender, interests) or actions you perform such as clicking on links. The information is only available on an anonymized and aggregated level. The information is used for analytics purposes, targeted advertising based on your user behaviour (remarketing) and to identify advertising audiences that have a profile similar to yours and therefore have a potential opportunity to have a similar pattern of action or need.

Information collected via Facebook pixel, is stored from 90 days to 2 years. The information is stored on Facebook servers in the United States. When using Facebook in connection with advertising, Facebook will in most cases be the controller. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Use of Facebook Lead Ads, a tool for collecting email addresses via the Facebook pages, where both Facebook and Blaa AS will be the controllers. If Bien Bar AS will use this tool, information about the user's rights will be clearly stated in the advertisement where the user voluntarily withdraws personal data.
  • Uploading existing email lists for targeted advertising on Facebook. If Bien Bar AS will use this tool, it will only be aimed at potential customers who have voluntarily given their consent to this.

Use of the contact form on our website

When you use the contact form on our websites, we ask for the following information: Name, email address, company, telephone number, what your inquiry is about.

The purpose of collecting and storing information is to be able to respond and have a dialogue around your inquiry. The information is stored in Google Sheets on a separate server where only employees of Bien Bar AS and associated data processors have access. The information will be stored for as long as we deem it appropriate.

Use of other tools

Webflow - Information collected through the use of the website is stored in

Zapier - Bien Bar AS uses the Zapier service to send data across different services. For example, if you fill out a form request, we will pass on the information you provide to other support systems that are used to provide the service in a good way.

Hotjar - Bien Bar AS uses the analysis tool Hotjar to analyze user behavior on the websites. The tool is used to make the site more user-friendly. Information collected is movements, clicks and general behavior on the site. The information is collected on the basis of your IP address, but this is anonymized and information is displayed only on an aggregated level. Data is stored for a maximum of 365 days.

Dashthis - Bien Bar AS uses Dashthis as a tool to report data at an aggregated level. Data collected comes from other third party providers mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

Email, phone and chat - Bien Bar AS uses email. phone and chat as part of its daily work to be able to have dialogue and respond to requests from potential customers, customers, former customers and other collaborators.

The individual employee is responsible for deleting messages that are no longer relevant and must review and delete unnecessary content in the mailbox at least once a year. Upon resignation email account is deleted Relevant emails will normally be transferred to colleagues.

Sensitive personal data should not be sent via email. Please note that regular email is not encrypted. We therefore encourage you to exercise caution and not to send confidential information, sensitive data or confidential information by email.


You have the right to access personal data about you and how it is processed. You also have the right to have the data corrected, deleted or to restrict the processing of the personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

You can contact us at to access, change or delete information.

The processing of your personal data is based on consent and you can withdraw your consent at any time. If you believe that Bien Bar AS has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority, which in Norway is the Danish Data Protection Authority, you can find contact info on their website

Contact information:


Telephone: 55 59 11 00

Address: Fjøsangerveien 30, 5053 Bergen


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